Friday, 31 October 2008

Christmas List Sewn Up.

Apart from a few Korean and American sites selling pre-owned versions of this t-shirt, we've been unable to track one down.

So imagine our surprise when we walked past our local, and there was this barman serving ciders wearing one.

For the record, this is what we want for Christmas. You have our email address.

Weekend Autopsy.

Creativity: My name is Brian.


Brian is probably on his third cider as we write this. He said he had a hat to go with this costume, but we don't believe him. It doesn't need it anyway, less is more.

Happy Halloween.

Weekend Autopsy.

Pirate Software

Lex Lutha does it again!

Lex Lutha - Appz

Weekend Autopsy.

Generation Gap Love.

We've been asking the person who sent this in tough questions about where they found this, and what they were looking for.

So far, no answer.


Weekend Autopsy.

Friday Clock Watching.

Transforming Owl

Rap Translated: Give this to your parents

You think you have seen this before? Bet you haven't.

We don't usually put this up, but just this once.

Weekend Autopsy.


Like Recount, Boogie Man shows why it is important to know what goes on behind the scenes in Politics.

Weekend Autopsy.

Our new Friend & Co.

On Wednesday we told you about a special little art gallery called Friend & Co.

We convinced Tom to tell us a bit more about it.

And for you iphone users.

Weekend Autopsy.

More and Moore

More Michael Moore screen time in his new film Slacker Uprising, which you can download for free.

Michael is just a giver.

Weekend Autopsy.