Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Michael's the man.

There was near hysteria in the centre of town. Young girls screaming.

Queues round the block...

The olds came out in force. Was it the Beatles? The Jackson 5?...

Nope. Riverdance was in town.

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Weekend Autopsy.

More music videos please.

Ok, we don't often rap about bands much, but this is an exception. If only they had more music videos that smacked it like this.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Misfit Love (Live on the Henry Rollins Show)

Weekend Autopsy.

You need that in your life.

They say...

"This limited edition premium Nintendo varsity jacket features the Nintendo Controller appliqued on the back and a small controller appliqued on the front left chest. The jacket has a thermal insulated lining and buttons up in the front."

Please let the buttons on the front be from the actual controller!

Weekend Autopsy.