Friday, 7 November 2008

Powerball. Know your limits.

Thanks to Keirov for this.

Weekend Autopsy.

The Young Offenders' Institute.

The Young Offenders' Institute is a monthly night of beer, music and ping pong held in east London...not a criminal record in sight though. Go see what we mean.

Weekend Autopsy.

Dizzee for Prime Minister

Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman asks Hip Hop star Dizzee Rascal his thoughts on the US election result.

Weekend Autopsy.

Robbie takes time out.

One of our readers sent us this.

"check this out...
tuesday night, eloise's pal, dwayne - who earns a livin' thru poker playin' - is having a quiet game of texas hold 'em at swindon poker club when this bloke comes up and asks if he can join their table. they proceed to play cards with him till the early hours. obviously record making has its demands. one was told he was a top bloke who bought them all a takeaway indian. good times, good times...but [in] swindon!"

Weekend Autopsy.

Click at just the right time.


Weekend Autopsy.

Tailor of the pussycat.

Takako Iwasa, who says that she was commanded by God to make outfits for cats. Here is her clothing line.

Weekend Autopsy.