Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Old Digi Barsteward

Computer cover.

Hey!... Digi!

Weekend Autopsy.

Shopping List: Got to get...

...Obama 'N' B-Ball - The Tees That Please.

Chocolate Thunder aka 70/80s era hoops player Daryl Dawkins is best known for his literal backboard-shattering dunks and crazy word play.

Ex-Phoenix Sun Kevin Johnson is running for mayor of Sacramento. Once the baddest point guard in the league, he gets emblazoned on the latest Lemar & Dauley 90s era homage. Type reads: "Back To Back Regional Champs - Summer 2006 + 2007."...

...howies jeans


Weekend Autopsy.

The DunkXChange

An inside look at the nation's first and largest traveling sneaker bazaar - the DunkXChange.

Weekend Autopsy.