Saturday, 8 November 2008

Clean Slate.

Art + Environment.

Marine Muralist - Wyland

Wooden Mirror - Daniel Rozin

And now the science part...

The 6-foot-tall video display consists of 835 pieces of gold-toned Southern Yellow Pine, each wired to its own tiny servomotor. Stand before it and a hidden camera feeds your image, in real time, to a souped-up Macintosh, which parses you into an 830-byte video signal. The Mac then tells each motor to position its pinewood pixel to reflect a specific intensity of light. The result: the world's first live animated woodcut.

Weave Mirror - Daniel Rozin

Peg Mirror - Daniel Rozin

Circles Mirror — Daniel Rozin

Theo's Wind Farm - Profile of Theo Jansen

Weekend Autopsy.