Friday, 5 December 2008

Guerilla Galleries: Credit Crunch Art.

We headed down to the 1st birthday party for Guerrilla Galleries on Bristol's Gloucester Rd. It featured new work from well known graff artists such as Ghostboy, and an impressive installation from Ziml. The pieces are cheaptastic.

The place was busy....few vacant onlookers around mind....but then it was Friday night.

Newcomers such as this young guy got to make their mark buy painting real time and exhibiting straight on the wall.

Weekend Autopsy.

Always bad.


Weekend Autopsy.

Bankable graffiti, bashing santa.

We saw this van outside a great little bar in Bristol. Artwork by Cheo.

Thanks to Blended Creative for sending this in.

Weekend Autopsy.

Friday clock watching.

We love Mario Karts too.

Sing this to the Mrs, she'll understand.

Weekend Autopsy.