Saturday, 24 April 2010

Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa

This very special video and slice of Ghanaian High Life just dropped into our inbox and I think this comment left by BadBart2217 sums it up perfectly!

BadBart2217 - I kicked the chair out from under me and the top of the chair hit the mouse which somehow ended up on this page with this song and this video. Because of this video I not only discovered the will to live, but I was also able to dance out of the noose! FUCK, THIS SONG BROUGHT MY NANA BACK TO LIFE AND THEN SHE WENT BACK IN TIME AND GAVE MY DAD A BLOW JOB AT THE DRIVE INS!

Weekend Autopsy.

The Peddler

Check out this trailer for this beautiful film about film about film making. It chronicles the life of a self taught Argentinean film maker who wanders the rural villages making films. He doesn't ask for payment he just asks for food and lodgings and uses the inhabitants of the town to create the senerio and the film.

Weekend Autopsy.