Sunday, 8 February 2009

Give thanks, Sunday songs: Middle School #4 - The exchange student.

Lex Lutha put this little mix together for us featuring some artists local to Bristol.

Lex says...

"These are some of the hip hop tunes that I still listen to, although a
few of them are coming up for being ten years old. Mainly British
stuff aside from one track from the French crew Iam, as their beats
still sound as nice as ever, and the American MC what what on the
blend by the Herbaliser."

Middle skool #4 - The exchange student.

Download the podcast.


1 herbaliser - the blend ft what what
2 dj vadim - Conquest of The Irrational (Vads Dad Version by The Herbaliser)
3 genesis elijah - jah bless"
4 Foreign beggers - Mind Out
5 Iam - Nés sous la même étoile
6 Klashnekoff - Son of Nia
7 Lewis Parker - Incognito
8 Jehst - Nuke Proof suit
9 Tommy Evans - Not nice
10 Scor Zay Zee - We don't care
11 Roots manuva - clockwork

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