Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday 5's: 12 Feb 2010


A rundown of the biggest pumps to hit the planet

5 Reebok Pump
Threatening a recent comeback these shoes should be consigned to the trainer graveyard along with the tracksuits and hair that usually came with em.

4 Penis Pump
He's no Lonely Island, but why not give the little guy a break?

3 Bicep Pump
Greg Valentino the expert on extreme pump and junk

2 Water Pump
I cant help but think they could be a little late with this one, but what the hell better late than never? The Army Corps Engineers has broken ground on a serious construction project: a 150,000-gallon-per-second, $500m pumping station charged with keeping the city of New Orleans a little, uh, dryer than it has been in the last few years.

1 Bra Pump

The Chinese do it again, no knives no silicone just air!
(and a little post production, but fuck it!)

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